Beyond the Valley of the Barbie Dolls

Barbie doll Photography & Collecting by David 'dj' Mansour

​​​David Mansour presents... ​​

Beyond the valley of the Barbie Dolls: Barbie doll photography & collecting. 

​​​​​​​​Over 30 years of Barbie collecting! Thousands of dolls collected! Beyond the Valley of the Barbie Dolls is best-selling pop culture author (From ABBA To Zoom), renowned toy collector, and doll photographer David 'D.J.' Mansour's homage to the doll he's loved his entire life.  Here you'll find a showcase of David's original Barbie doll photography & Barbie collecting.  He's gone totally Beyond the Valley of the Barbie Dolls... and it's right in the heart of sunny San Diego, California! 

​​​​In dedication to all the little boys who play with dolls.

And to my mom, Rose Mansour, who let her little boy play with dolls.

Welcome to Beyond the Valley of the Barbie Dolls.

Valerie is My Kindred Spirit!